Dean Vladimir Tomašević about Ukrainian crisis on TV Kurir

  • 10:15AM Oct 05, 2022

Professor Vladimir Tomašević, Dean of the Belgrade School of Engineering Management was a guest on the program of Kurir Television, on the topic “Ukrainian crisis and its connection with the economy and management of energy in Serbia” You can find more via the link:

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Formal reception of the students 2022/23

  • 10:56AM Oct 03, 2022

Today, the School of Engineering Management held a reception for first-year students. The reception started with the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia. Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, dean of the School, addressed the students and welcomed them on behalf of professors, assistants and associates at the School. Prof. Dr. Srđan Tomić, vice dean for […]

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October Exam period 2022

  • 2:35PM Sep 22, 2022

The term for application for the October exam period is September 23. Only the students who have one to two exams left as a condition of enrollment in the next year are eligible to apply for the exams within this deadline. The exam schedule will be published on September 26, 2019.

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Enrollment at senior years of undergraduate studies 2022/23

  • 2:02PM Sep 21, 2022

We are informing international undergraduate students that until September 30th they can enroll in the senior (next) year of study. Please, contact your Students’ services for additional information every working day from 10 am to 2 pm at the Students’ Services (Office 332-333). It is mandatory to bring the Students’ ID (Index)!

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“Young people in Serbia always have enthusiasm”, interview with the Dean, professor Vladimir Tomašević in Borba Magazine

  • 12:33PM Sep 20, 2022

“Young people in Serbia always have enthusiasm”, is the title of the conversation with the Dean, professor Vladimir Tomašević, published in Borba Magazine. On this occasion, the Dean talks about how the pandemic affected the education system, the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of young people in Serbia, the importance of the availability of reliable and relevant […]

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Five ways that life science companies can build tech talent

  • 12:44PM Sep 19, 2022

The pace and urgency of digital transformations in life sciences have increased rapidly in the past two years. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced life science organizations to rethink their commercial models. The most obvious effect has been the shift to digital channels for interactions between healthcare providers and patients as face-to-face contact became more problematic. […]

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Multitasking – performing multiple tasks at once

  • 10:55AM Sep 13, 2022

The increasing volume of work that has caused the need to be more efficient forces us to do more things at once. Multitasking creates a sense of productivity. In a certain sense, this can be the case because, if we manage to solve a few routine tasks, without harming their quality, then we were really […]

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