The Last Phase of the Adaptation of the New Premises of School

  • 2:06PM Jun 19, 2018

The last phase of the adaptation of the new amphitheaters of School of Engineering Management is in progress. Due to the increased interest of the candidates for studies at the School, the project purpose is to expand, that is, the adaptation of new amphitheaters, which will welcome students in the new school year.

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Preparatory Works on the New Scene of the Belgrade Dance Institute

  • 1:07PM Jun 12, 2018

Construction work (reconstruction) started at the new wing of the Institute. Additional space will include the scene, wardrobe, fundus, administration and accompanying infrastructure on over 1000 m2, and the work surfaces for dance will be doubled. Opening and putting into operation additional wing of the Institute is planned for September 2018.The working title of the […]

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Signing of Contract at the City Assembly of Belgrade – Projects Related to Tourism

  • 12:25PM Jun 05, 2018

President of the Council of the School, profesor Vladimir Tomašević, PhD, today, on behalf of School of Engineering Management at the City Assembly of Belgrade, signed a contract on the allocation of funds for the co-financing of a part of the costs for the organization of domestic and international congresses, manifestations, festivals, education, seminars, exhibitions, […]

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Enrollment in June (2018/19 School year)

  • 10:46AM Jun 05, 2018

School of Engineering Management organizes undergraduate academic studies lasting four years, i.e. eight semesters, in the field of engineering management, as well as undergraduate studies lasting three years and six semesters in the field of management. After finishing four-year studies, the student receives the title: Graduate Engineer of Management (240 ESPB points). After completing three-year […]

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Satelit Marketing – Summer Internship for the Students of School of Engineering Management

  • 1:41PM Jun 04, 2018

The students of School of Engineering Management can undergo summer professional internship at the company Satelit marketing: • I year students  – internship, easier jobs, surveying; • II year students – internship, middle level jobs, promotion, administration; • III years students  – internship, middle level jobs, graphic design, marketing; • IV year students – internship, […]

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Belgrade Open School Enrollment

  • 12:21PM May 31, 2018

“Future studies” represent a one-year multidisciplinary non-formal education program designed for selected students that are in their final years of undergraduate studies, or students of master studies at all Universities in Belgrade. The program is based on multidisciplinary modules of knowledge and skills, internship program, final project writing, Alumni2Students mentoring program, as well as numerous […]

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II Year Students’ Activities in May

  • 2:21PM May 29, 2018

Students of the 2nd year had the opportunity to present to their colleagues a theme related to leadership. Presentations were successfully held by: • Branislav Nedić, Personality of the Leader – Stalin; • Goran Kirjaković, Style of Leadership – LeBron James; • Kristina Gavrić, Charismatic Leadership – Jeanne d’Arc; • Luka Latinović, Leadership and Trust; […]

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Good Engineering Managers are Hard to Find – Like a Bigfoot

  • 12:59PM May 28, 2018

Good engineering managers are practically impossible to find. The implicit aim of most functions in a company is to get further up the hierarchy. However, good engineers don’t want to move up. This means that the people who want the engineering manager role are unlikely to be very good at it; becoming an engineering manager […]

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New international scientific agreement has been signed between Smilevski Business Academy, Macedonia and FIM

  • 10:36AM May 25, 2018

At School of Engineering Management, a new scientific and technical cooperation agreement has been signed with Smilevski Business Academy from Macedonia. The agreement implies realisation of joint scientific, technical and educational projects, as well as other forms of international cooperation. The contract was signed by the deans of both institutions: Daniela Karadakov, PhD, Assistant Professor […]

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