FIM in Romania on International Conference About Spreading a Global Peace through Science

Adviser to the Dean of FIM, Visiting Prof Zoran R.Vitorovic  participated as VIP speaker on a International Conference  in Romanian National Parliament on 19th May, 2018.

Between others, the main VIPs speaker were  former Presidents of Romania, Albania, Croatia, BiH, Ukraine – H.E. Emil Contantinescu,  H.E. Rexhep Q.Meidani H.E.Stjepan Mesic, H.E. Haris Silajdzic, BiH, H.E. Viktor Yushchenko.

Conference was organized by Romanian Levante Institute for Advanced Studies  ISACCL and S.Korean HWPL,Heavenly Culture,World Peace and Restoration of  Light, with a aim to spread culture of peace and peaceful reunification of Korean Peninsula.

In 2014  at the initiative of Romanian President H.E.Emil Constantinescu and a Peace Activist from South Korea, H.E. Lee Man-Hee was founded HWPL. Today HWPL has  more than 200,000 members, more than 80 Presidents of the States (as a supporters) and a offices in a 146 Countries !!!  HWPL is Dedicated to spread a World Culture of Peace and Reunification of Korean Peninsula.

On a conference Advisor to the  Dean of FIM presented a scientific paper „Science Diplomacy as a tool for strengthening a Global Peace and Climate challenges”.