Beginning of the Summer Semester 2021/22 and classes schedule

  • 3:38PM Feb 17, 2022

Summer (second) semester of the school year 2021/2022. year for students of the study program Engineering Management begins to be realized on February 21, 2022, according to the schedule that international students will receive from their Students’ services. Students in Vrbas and Vranje will receive a class schedule from their Students’ services. Students of all […]

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Evaluation of pedagogical work of faculty – Winter semester 2021/22

  • 4:30PM Jan 27, 2022

We inform all undergraduate students in Engineering Management and Management, as well as master students in Project Management and Industry 4.0 and Engineering and Management of Security Information Systems that the evaluation of pedagogical work of teaching staff in the winter semester of the school year 2021/21 will take place during the exam period. Students […]

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Beginning of classes in master’s degree programs

  • 11:54AM Oct 22, 2021

For students of all master’s programs, classes begin on Monday, October 25, according to the schedule. Classes will be held online, and students will receive invitations to Zoom sessions from their subject professors. Master’s degree programs in Serbian language in the school year 2021/22. years are: Project Management and Industry 4.0; Engineering and management of […]

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Application for master studies in October 2021.

  • 8:13AM Oct 07, 2021

Application for master studies is in progress! Accredited master study programs: Project Management and Industry 4.0 (60 ECTS); Engineering and management of security and information systems (60 ECTS) – Belgrade and Vrbas; Energy Economics and Management (60 ECTS); Management (120 ECTS). All interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Student Services and get all the […]

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Formal reception of students in Vrbas 2021/22

  • 3:07PM Oct 06, 2021

On Wednesday, October 6, a formal reception was organized for first-year students in the Higher Education Unit outside the headquarters of the institution without the status of a legal entity – Vrbas, respecting epidemiological measures. The students were greeted by Prof. Dr Vladimir Tomašević, dean and Prof. Dr. Srdjan Tomic, vice dean for education and […]

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Formal reception of students 2021/22.

  • 2:01PM Oct 01, 2021

Today, at the School of Engineering Management, a formal reception was organized for first-year students. The formal reception began with the intonation of the anthem of the Republic of Serbia. The students were addressed by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, Dean of the School and welcomed them on behalf of professors, assistants, and associates at the […]

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