Undergraduate admissions

School of Engineering Management organizes undergraduate studies that last for four years (eight semesters) in the field of engineering management. Upon graduation, the student receives title: The Engineer of Management (Diplomirani inženjer menadžmenta), equal to BSc with Honours (240 ECTS).

For international students The School is also organizing undergraduate studies that last for three years (six semesters). Upon graduation, students receive the title The Engineer of Management (Inženjer menadžmenta), equal to Bachelor of Science (BSc without Honours): a 3-year programme (180 ECTS).

Undergraduate Studies Applying

The candidates can send their application for The School of Engineering Management either by mail or E-mail.

Candidates applying on the territory of The Federal Republic of Nigeria should contact the Serbian Embassy prior to applying.

All candidates that comply with the School requirements will undergo admissions interview after which the School will decide on candidate's qualification for the acceptance.

No institution or company besides the School can determine the admissions procedure nor do other institutions have the authority to act on the behalf of the School.

Admissions and admissions periods

The first admissions period is until July 15, 2022.

The second admissions period is from September 2  to September 30, 2022.

Documents needed

Accepted candidates are submitting the following documents:

  1. Copy of Birth certificate;
  2. Copy of Passport;
  3. Copy of High school (or equivalent) Diploma;
  4. List of High school courses;
  5. 2 photos, 3,5 x 4,5 cm;
  6. Tuition payment receipt.

Transfer from other programs

  1. Copy of Birth certificate;
  2. Document on acquired ECTS;
  3. College diploma;
  4. 2 photos, 3,5 x 4,5 cm;
  5. Tuition payment receipt.

International students

International students need to apply for a Visa at the local Serbia Embassy. The School will issue a letter of confirmation of enrollment once the admissions procedure is complete and all of the financial obligations of the candidate are deemed as satisfied. The School of Engineering Management does not and will not act as a sponsor or guarantor for any Visa applicants.

Students from Asia – Pacific region:

Students from Asia-Pacific region should contact their local representatives that will give them further information and instructions to the procedures for University application and visa procedures.

Representative for Japan, South and North Korea, China, and the Philippines is Prof. Dr. N. P. Tomasevic and can be contacted by mail and via telephone on + 381 11 41 40 428

Representative for Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Bangladesh is Prof. Dr. M. N. Arifin and can be contacted by mail and via
telephone on + 43 676 6700116

Representative for India and Sri Lanka is Prof. Dr. T. Ilic-Kosanovic and can be contacted by mail and via
telephone on + 381 11 41 40 420

Fees for students from Asia-Pacific region are 2,500 EURO per year. Fees cover tuition fees, enrollment fees, and other administrative fees during the term. Visa fee for Serbia, local insurance, translation fees, accomodation and all other incurring costs are covered by the student.


Contact info

School of Engeneering Management
(Fakultet za inženjerski menadžment)
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43
11000 Beograd

+381 (011) 41 40 420

+381 (011) 41 40 429

Web: www.fim.rs

Email: office@fim.rs

Admission office:

Services – Undergraduate Studies

Services – Graduate Studies (Master and PhD Level)


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