International students will receive their schedule for September Exam period 2021/22 from their Students’ services.
We inform all undergraduate students in Engineering Management and Management, as well as master students in Project Management and Industry 4.0 and Engineering and Management ...
From November 1, 2021, final papers and master’s theses, with the approval of the mentor, will be brought to the Student Services’ in three printed ...
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About us

School of Engineering Management was established to educate the best qualified experts in the field of engineering management, management, information and communication technologies, creative industries, security management, project and energy management, following the most modern scientific and professional achievements and global economic trends.


The vision of School of Engineering Management is to improve managerial and engineering skills, to contribute Serbia and the region socially and economically, improving its knowledge and developing students’ creativity and intellectual abilities.


School has been accredited. Its  work permit, issued by the Ministry of Education, can be checked on the  website of the Ministry, ( and the Guide for First-Year Students, issued by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (

Master Studies

The master program is designed for all the ambitious graduates interested in more thorough knowledge in the field of project management, management, human resources management, engineering and security management, economics and energy management, sustainable development, but also for the successful professionals who want to improve their skills and achieve better results both in their personal and business life.

One-year study programme

There are four one-year programmes implemented at School:

  1. Project Management;
  2. ICT Management;
  3. Economics and Energy Management;
  4. Engineering and Security Management.

The graduate study programme lasts one year or two semesters and consists of eight courses (compulsory and elective), well-balanced among academically educational, scientific, professionally applicable as well as theoretical and methodological courses.

Having defended their Master’s thesis, the student is awarded 60 ECTS credits and either a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management (programmes: Project Management, ICT Management and Engineering and Security Management) or a Master’s Degree in Economics (programme: Economics and Energy Management) .

Two-year programmes

There is one two-year master programme implemented at School:

  1. Management.

The graduate study programme lasts two years, namely  four semesters and consists of sixteen courses (compulsory and elective) well-balanced among academically educational, scientific, professionally applied as well as theoretical and methodological courses.

Having defended their master’s thesis, the student is awarded 120 ECTS credits (depending on the duration of the programme) and a Master’s Degree in Management.