Classes are interactive so that students are motivated to think creatively, get involved individually and implement the acquired knowledge. Students have the opportunity to work closely with course lecturers, to practically assess the knowledge they acquired in specialized IT cabinets and to develop critical thinking and communication skills. Studies are organized through lectures, practical and lab workshops, essay writing and internships.


Our programs are the first programs in Serbia that the Society of Engineering Management of Serbia recognized. The School established partnerships with the most prestigious businesses in the fields of engineering, ICT, telecommunications and creative industries in Serbia. These activities and mutual cooperation directly benefit our students.


Consultations involve the individual communication between the teacher and the student. Their purpose is to enable explanations of some difficult parts of the program, to assist students in essay writing and presentation preparation and to inform them about further studies on the topics included in the program.


Seminars are parts of teaching process that enable students to individually present how they practically implement the course topics and how they solve theoretical and practical problems throughout examples and case studies

Colloquia and exams

The final grade is based on the total number of points gathered through pre-exam tasks and exams according to the demonstrated quality of knowledge and skills. Colloquia are pre-exam responsibilities administered according to the Bologna Declaration.


Lectures are public and the teacher verbally presents course topics in the way and scope determined by the program including interaction with students. Lectures can also be given by guest lecturers with the permission of Program Chair and Vice Dean for Teaching


Textbooks for the entire program are included in the tuition fees. School enables students to have access to the additional literature apart from the mandatory course books. This availability of the literature is reflected in the well-equipped library that has the newest foreign textbooks and bibliography that the course lecturers have prepared to be purposeful.


School of Engineering Management aims to educate remarkable professionals who will make a difference in their field through gathering, analyzing and using available information. Our graduates’ competitive advantage in the job market will be shown through seeing external obstacles as chances and not threats. We aim for our students that they are recognized due to their knowledge and skills, the ability to produce significant products and to design and implement changes inside the company with the purpose of achieving competitive advantage.

The statistical analysis of (one of the top 10 best web sites in the world according to Time Magazine) showed that the engineering manager is on the top of earnings lists, according to the research based on 50 million samples world-wide in the last twelve months