Milko Jonović

Master in Engineering Management
Energoprojekt – Niskogradnja a.d. Beograd

After completing his graduate studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, I saw Master Program Project Management at the Faculty of Engineering Management as an opportunity to build on their already acquired engineering education as a factor to me in the labor market to differentiate from the competition and be a competitive advantage in the future professional development.

After graduation, I started building my business career at Energoprojekt Niskogradnja a.d. Belgrade and I’m engaged in the project “Construction of the second railroad track on the Belgrade-Pancevo section".

Nikola Đorđević

Department: ICT

As an excellent student at the Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering School in Belgrade, you do not have too many options at the end of the fourth grade (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Traffic Engineering, or Higher Electrical Engineering School). I wanted to be different, and that’s why I would really like to give future students the chance to study student life at the Faculty of Engineering Management, instead of saying that we have the best professors, the best programs and how FIM is the best school in the country.

Most lectures are dynamic and interesting. Off course, there are objects with difficult equations, but on other subjects, learn the superfluous theory totally different from the classic ‘drum’. The college emphasizes work in teams, which contributes to easier learning, but must be recognized, it is much more interesting to learn in this way. We are proud of many of these works, but I usually remember seminar work from the Basics of Engineering Management, where as a group of twenty or more students, we successfully covered all segments of a successful project from plan to realization.

Kosta Živanović

Department: High Tehnology Industries

At this college, I learned that the most important personal initiative and not to wait to be served to us ready-made solutions. I am interested in high technologies, but also in creative industries, I believe that theoretical knowledge should be expanded through professional practice and I have made an effort to provide myself with professional practices (Bitef Theater, ULUPUDS May Exhibition, etc.).

I am also a founder (along with students from several faculties of the University of Belgrade) and President of the UNESCO University Club through which I work on the expansion of UNESCO’s value among young people in Serbia. I am currently working on the preparation of a training project for students of technical faculties in terms of strengthening general competencies.

Aleksandra Hrib

Department: Creative Industries

For me, education must be creative, and the acquired knowledge is applicable. I also found myself at School of Engineering Management as a person who aspires to raising the level of cultural awareness in his surroundings but also as a person who will be fully committed to his work in the future. I can say with certainty that thanks to a high level of quality of teaching, professional staff and full commitment to students and their career guidance, for the third year I manage to realize my professional goals by working for companies whose work I value very much.

Stanislava Jezdović

Department: High Technology Industries

I like the most at this School, and I have the opportunity to improve the skills, skills and abilities needed in the labor market. Already now, in the second year, I have a working experience that I gained in organizing various events and fairs for
School, as well as in the organization of the Conference of the businessmen.
I have no problem presenting myself to the potential employer in the best light and showing the professional and scientific knowledge I acquired at the Faculty

Marina Trifunović

Department: Security Management

School of Engineering Management is the ideal choice for students who, like me, believe that the accessibility of professors and the interaction between students and professors is one of the more important items in the selection of faculties. I decided to go to the Department of Security Management because I think it is most appropriate to my personal characteristics and expectations. A very important fact is that I am highly motivated to attend lectures of each individual professor. This gives the student a breeze in the back and an even greater desire to “absorb" all the knowledge the lecturer has. The professors are at all times ready to explain the ambiguity and help in mastering the material, which today is really rare to hear from students at some other faculties.

At standard lectures, no one, but almost no one, knows from students how to write a CV, or how to communicate with a future employer. In acquiring these skills, the Center for Career Development is of great help to students.

Tamara Lukić

Department: Security Management

Every day I encountered prejudices about which college should be enrolled, either state or private. The prejudices that people imposed on private colleges broke up when I realized that the studies were not divided into private and state, but on good and bad. The point of education is not to get a piece of paper with signature, but knowledge. The affection and great will of the professors strengthened my motivation. The direction I chose is security. I think it provides me a wide range of jobs after the studies. I put my future in the hands of the Faculty, the reputed professors, and I know that I did not make a mistake!

Milica Božović

Department: Creative Industries

I finished economical high school and choose School of Engineering Management because it is a private faculty where students are in the first place, and professors are mostly people from the elite foreign faculties.

I enrolled this School because I think it gives maximum to my students and will help my further improvement. I have chosen the direction of the creative industry, since it enables me to get to the field of culture and media, where I see myself as a successful manager. I hope to achieve my goals.