Study programme Engineering and Security Management


Study program runs over one school year and has 60 ECTS.

The aim of the programme is to educate and train students in the security field of engineering management in order to acquire knowledge and abilities essential for comprehensive understanding of the management of complex security business systems based on engineering principles and strategic thinking to ensure technological, economic and social development in the modern world.

Engineering and Security Management study program combines political, economic, social, psychological and many other aspects of security. The teaching staff, renowned experts in the field of security, conducts a programme that provides the necessary knowledge and skills.

Master studies of security at School of Engineering Management train students to work in the field of security in state administration institutions, media, non-governmental sector, educational institutions, scientific research centers, etc. Training combines acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge through various interactive and creative forms of learning in the field of security systems, political systems, crisis management, political violence and other aspects of integral security. This Department conducts scientific research and practice in institutions and organizations in the field of security, providing students with the opportunity to gain and improve knowledge, as well as establish contacts essential for future employment in the private or state security sector.

The outcome of the learning process

Diploma – Scientific name: Students are awarded Master’s Degree in Engineering Management

Requirements for admission to the program

The program of study may enroll students in the previous academic studies in education who have acquired at least 240 ECTS


Year I

Courses ECTS
Metodology of Scientific Research 6
Critical infrastructure Management 7
Communication Technology in Security Events Management 7
Engineering and Corporate Security 7
Elective course 1 7
Elective course 2 7
Project Assignment (professional practice) 5
Study research 4
Master thesis 10

Elective block

Elective course 1 Intelligence Management
Elective course 1 International Security
Elective course 2 Security Data Monitoring
Elective course 2 Counter – Terrorism Engineering

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