Engineering is the art of organizing and directing men and controlling the forces and materials of nature for the benefit of the human race.

Henry G. Stott

Engineering manager

Individual who has functional role of manager and organizer in projects and organizations in the fields of production, creative industries, industrial design, IT technologies, transportation or financial and stock-exchange operations at the highest levels.

Engineering manager has the unique position in the field. The engineering manager combines his or her managerial expertise with engineering knowledge to lead teams of specialists for complex technical assignments.

Engineering manager has communications skills to cooperate with the colleagues and employees. Engineering managers are successful individuals who combine scientific competencies and aspiration for problem solving.

Beside a wide spectrum of academic and general education courses the engineering management study program contains introduction to accounting, economics, financial analysis, technical systems, project management and human resources management, and other courses that enable each student to focus on the fields of personal interest.

Engineering management

[1] The scientific discipline that studies and implements engineering principles in planning and operations management in various industries;

[2] A specific form of management necessary for successful leading of projects, organizations and people in various industries..

Study profiles

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Creative industries (KI)
  • High Tehnology Industries (VI)
  • Security Management (B)


Year I

Subjects ECTS / ESPB
Quantitative methods 1 8
Introduction to Management 8
Introduction to ICT 9
Principles of Engineering and Design 9
Fundaments of Economics 9
Elective Subject 1 9
English Language 1 2
English Language 2 2
Elective Language 1 2
Elective Language 2 2

Year II

Subjects ECTS
Introduction to Engineering Management 9
Statistics and Probability 9
Analysis and Design of Information Systems 9
Introduction to Project Management 9
Operations Management 9
Elective Subject 2 9
English Language 3 2
English Language 4 2
Elective Language 3 1
Elective Language 4 1

Year III

Subject ECTS
Logistics 9
Quality Management 9
Strategic Management 9
Quality Control 9
Engineering of Production Processes 9
Elective Subject  3 9
English Language 5 2
English Language 6 2
Elective Language 5 1
Elective Language 6 1

Year IV

Subject ECTS
Human Resource Fundamentals 9
Marketing for Engineers 9
Industrial Organizing 8
Financial Engineering 8
Elective Subject 4 9
English Language 7 2
Elective Language 7 1
Student Internship 2
Final Paper 4

Elective block

Elective block for study programme : Information

  • 1. Year: System theory
  • 2. Year: Programming
  • 3. Year: Networks
  • 4. Year: Databases

Elective block for study programme: High
Tehnology Industries

  • 1. Year: System theory
  • 2. Year: Production and Technological Processes
  • 3. Year: Energy and Renewable Resources
  • 4. Year: Technology and Food Production

Elective block for study programme: Creative Industries

  • 1. Year: Fundaments of Creative Industries Management
  • 2. Year:  Organisation of
    Cultural and Performance Events

  • 3. Year: Theatre Management
  • 4. Year: Creative Processes in Media

Elective block for study programmeSecurity Management

  • 1. Year: Fundaments of Security
  • 2. Year: Crisis Management
  • 3. Year: Security Management
  • 4. Year: Management of Emergency Situations

Elective Languages

    • French Language
    • Spanish Language

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