Study programme: Waste Management

PhD studies have at least 180 credits, with the previous total of at least 300 ECTS credits at the undergraduate and graduate academic studies, or 360 ECTS credits in the integrated primary and Master studies in the medical sciences. The doctoral dissertation is the final part of the study program of doctoral studies, except for the PhD in Art which is an art program.

The outcome of the learning process

Diploma – Scientific name: Students are awarded the title Doctor of Science – Industrial Engineering / Engineering Management

Item carries a certain number of ECTS, and the dissertation is 30 ECTS. The possibility for choosing electives exists.

The objectives of the program are aligned with the vision and mission of School of Engineering Management. The goal is education and training of students so that they can understand the theory of engineering systems and engineering management, they can develop process thinking that allows them a holistic view of industrial systems, as well as critical thinking and creative design of new, improved solutions. Students learn the modern methods and techniques of research and development in order to create successful projects and dissertation anticipated in the study program. Students develop project management skills in order to engage easily and effectively in scientific and research projects outside of their academic environment.

The study programme structure

The study programme consists of four compulsory courses, two optional courses (out of 4 offered), 2 academic and research papers, one academic research project, one scientific research project, academic and research work on a doctoral dissertation, and writing and defending of a doctoral dissertation.


The First Year

Subject name Sem. Status Hours ARP ECTS
Research methods of engineering management I O 4 2 8
Data analysis for engineers and scientists I O 4 2 8
Waste Management I O 4 2 8
Academic – research paper 1 I I 0 5 6
Waste Recycling II O 4 2 10
Elective subject 1 II I 4 2 10
Academic – research paper 2 II O 0 8 10
Total number of hours of active lectures for a year:
20P + 23ARP = 43;
43 x 15 = 645
645 60

The Second Year

Subject name Sem. Status Hours ARP ECTS
Elective subject 2 III I 5 2 10
Elective subject 3 III I 5 2 10
Academic – research project III I 0 15 10
Scientific – research project IV I 0 15 30
Total number of hours of active lectures for a year:
10L + 34ARP = 44;
44 x 15 = 660
660 60

The Third year

Subject name Sem. Status Hours ARP ECTS
Academic – research paper for doctoral dissertation V I 0 20 30
Writing and defending of doctoral dissertation VI I 0 20 30
Total number of hours of active lectures in a study year:
40 x 15 = 600
600 60

The elective courses

Subject name Sem. Stat. Čas. SIR ESPB
Modelling of the system of waste storing I I 4 2 10
Sustainable development I I 2 2 10
System modeling and recycling II  I  5 2  10
System modeling and ICTS management II  I  5 2  10
Regeneration of Mineral oils III  I  5 2  10
System modeling and human capital management III  I  5 2  10