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Doctoral Studies in Management Curriculum Structure

The study program is conducted during three school years and has 180 ECTS.

The study program consists of 2 compulsory courses, 5 elective courses (out of 10 offered courses), 2 study and research papers, 1 study and research project, 1 scientific research project, study and research work on a doctoral dissertation and preparation and the defense of a doctoral dissertation.

Each subject and paper carries a certain number of ECTS, and the doctoral dissertation has 30 ECTS. The 50% eligibility criterion has been met.

Study program: Management

The goals of the study program are in line with the vision and mission of the Faculty of Engineering Management. It strives to educate and train students to understand the theories of management, develop process thinking that allows them a holistic view of management systems, as well as critical thinking and creative design of new, improved solutions.

Students study and apply modern methods and techniques of research and development, in order to successfully develop projects and doctoral dissertations provided by the study program. Students develop the skill of management in order to be more easily and efficiently involved in scientific and research projects outside the academic environment.

Outcome of the learning process: Students are expected to improve and deepen general theoretical knowledge in management, as well as to possess the skills and ability for methodologically correct work on solving scientific research and research problems.

After successfully passing exams, completing project assignments and doctoral dissertations, students are able to engage in scientific research in the field of social sciences.

The outcome of the learning process

Diploma – scientific title: Students obtain a doctorate – PhD in Management.

Modes of study: Studies are conducted classically in Serbian and English.



No. Code Course Title Sem ECTS Type
1 DBA01 Methodology of Scientific Research 1 4 C
2 DBAI1A Talent Management 1 15 E
3 DBAI1B Strategic Management 1 15 E
4 DBA02 Business Process Organization 1 5 C
5 DBA03 Study Research Paper 1 1 4 C
6 DBAI2A Corporate Security 2 14 E
7 DBAI2B Management in Circular and Bioeconomics 2 14 E
8 DBAI3A Business Process Modeling 2 14 E
9 DBAI3B Corporate Communications 2 14 E
10 DBA04 Study Research Paper 2 2 4 C
11 DBAI4A Business System Analysis 3 18 E
12 DBAI4B Management in Defence Industry 3 18 E
13 DBAI5A Knowledge Management 3 18 E
14 DBAI5B Management in Industry 4.0 3 18 E
15 DBA05 Study Research Project 4 12 C
16 DBA06 Scientific Research Project 4 12 C
17 DBA07 Study Research Work on the Doctoral Dissertation 5 30 C
18 DBA08 Preparation and Defence of Doctoral Dissertation 6 30 C

*Upon the Accreditation Committee Request