General information

The School is the first academic institution whose programs are recognized by The Society of Engineering Management of Serbia and has established technical cooperation with the elite engineering companies in the fields of engineering, IT and telecommunications in Serbia, which is directly beneficial to our students.

In accord with Bologna Convention, School is organizing undergraduate and graduate academic studies.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is improvement of engineering skills; social and economic contribution to Serbia and region; improvement of students’ knowledge and development of their creativity and intellectual abilities.

Our Mission is the education of high-quality professional workforce in the field of engineering management, IT and financial business, in line with modern scientific and professional achievements and economic development.

Human resources

Our human resources, the academic and administrative staff, represent human capital that enables business efficiency and achievement of our vision and mission


The School has the only library in Serbia that possesses complete editions of books on engineering management, engineering economics, project management and human resources management magazines, which have been published in the world over the last ten years. The library has the necessary textbooks for the courses at all levels of studies


The School is located at the venue whose layout and general quality are ideal for the academic institution that conducts engineering management programs.

Our premises include classrooms, workshops, amphitheaters, teachers’ cabinets, reading rooms and other necessary facilities.

The object has certified IT laboratories, equipped with the most contemporary ICT equipment for lectures and seminars that enable working in the small groups, according to the modern education process implemented in compliance with the Bologna Convention.

Every classroom has a projector, a networked computer and other multimedia equipment. All teachers’ cabinets are connected and there is an IT laboratory with 30 internet connections


School  of Engineering Management is located in a spectacular building, one of rare examples of Modernism, built in 1929 and renovated in 2009. This building, located at 43 Vojvode Mišića Boulevard in Belgrade, presents the outstanding academic atmosphere and is only fifteen minutes away from Belgrade airport

Contact info

Address: School of Engineering Management (Fakultet za inženjerski menadžment) Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43 11000 Belgrade Serbia Telefon: +381 11 41 40 420 Web: Email:
Apply to School of Engineering Management Service for Undergraduate Studies at School of Engineering Management Service for Graduate Studies at School of Engineering Management Centre for Career Development Centre for International Cooperation