Study programme Management

Study programme: MANAGEMENT

Study program runs over two school years and has 120 ECTS.

The program is designed to encourage students’ thinking and creativity, independence and application of acquired knowledge.

The study programme is implemented though tutorials. Students directly cooperate with course teachers, practically try out the acquired knowledge and have the opportunity to express individual and team creativity and to develop critical thinking and personal expression.

The outcome of the learning process

The aim of the programme is to train students for independent work on management processes, both in traditional production, and services, IT and organisation industries. Through interactive cooperation with professors, students learn about individual cases from local and foreign practical experience, through the case study and other modern methods applied at theworld’s most famous universities, such as Cambridge University, Harvard University, MIT and others.

Diploma – Scientific name: Students are awarded Master’s Degree in Management.

Requirements for admission to the program

The program of study may enroll students in the previous academic studies in education who have acquired at least 180 ECTS


Year I

Course  ESPB
Methodology of Scientific Research 6
Financial Engineering 8
Portfolio Management 7
Team Leadership 8
Organisation Culture 7
Knowledge of Decision – Making 8
Knowledge Management 7
Elective block 1 9

Year II

Course  ESPB
Corporate Management 6
State and Local Administration Management 6
Elective block 2 8
Logistics 6
Operations Management 6
International Economy 8
Elective block 3 8
Master Thesis 6

Elective block

Elective block 1 Security Management
Elective block 1 Quality Control
Elective block 2 Security Management
Elective block 2 Quality Control
Elective block 3 Risk Management
Elective block 3 Energetic Efficiency Management
Elective block 4 Intelligence Management
Elective block 4 Sustainable Energy Management

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