Study programme Economics and Energy Management

Study programme runs over one school year and has 60 ECTS.

The program is designed to provide knowledge and skills essential for mastering competencies and academic skills of Masters of Economics that will be employed in the energy sector – working as economic analysts or consultants, as well as holding positions related to the formulation, realisation and conduct of energy policies, both in the public and private sector.

The main goal of the programme is to educate and train students following contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge and international experience in the organisation, management, investment management, energy sector, price and regulatory policies and to teach students  to use modern economic and managerial knowledge and tools. The goal of the  Economics and Energy Management study programme is providing high- quality meaningful education and training of experts for competent  business management in the field of business economics and energy management, as well as training students for solving specific business issues.

The outcome of the learning process

Diploma – Scientific name: Students are awarded Master’s Degree in Economics.

Requirements for admission to the program

The program of study may enroll students in the previous academic studies in education who have acquired at least 240 ECTS.


Year I

Courses EPSB
Energy Policies and Strategies 7
Economics of Renewable Sources 7
Economics of Electricity Generation 7
Elective course 1 7
Elective course 2 7
Elective course 3 7
Master thesis 18

Elective courses

Elective 1 Organising Energy Entities
Elective 1 Sustainable Development
Elective 2 Operations management
Elective 2 Carbon Emission Economics
Elective 2 Quality Management
Elective 3 Energy and Macroeconomics
Elective 3 Energy and National Security

Our partners

  • Energoprojekt oprema
  • Energoprojekt niskogradnja
  • Energo Nigeria Ltd. Lagos, Nigerija
  • Feromont inženjering
  • Eco Energo Group d.o.o
  • Centar za razvoj Jablaničkog i Pčinjskog okruga, Leskovac
  • Ambasada SR Nemačke – projekat organizacije izložbe  Energetska tranzicija u Nemačkoj

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