10 Things They Usually Don’t Tell You at the Beginning

Most often, in conversation with people who promote entrepreneurship, you will hear positive motivations for entrepreneurship. There are things that are less often talked about that are also an integral part of entrepreneurship.

Ten rarely talked about things that are an integral part of business are:

  1. that when starting a business, you have to think about how you will get out of it;
  2. that small businesses can hardly afford debts;
  3. that the market is hostile;
  4. that you need to know a lot;
  5. that the knowledge of the profession you will be engaged in and the knowledge of managing a small business are different;
  6. that loans from banks and government agencies are limited;
  7. that you have to understand numbers if you want to run your own business;
  8. that you have to SELL;
  9. that no one but you takes care of your business;
  10. That your ability to persuade others is critical to your success.


Source: https://poslovi.infostud.com