Deglobalization and talent in high technologies

  • 8:59AM Jan 22, 2021

Prof. Dr Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović on Thursday, January 21, participated in the web lecture Deglobalization and High-Tech Talent, held by prof. Dr. Ellen Fardale, Center for International Human Resource Studies (USA) and Andy Sivaraman, expert on new technologies. The lecture was organized in cooperation with the Center for Global Workforce Strategy at Simon Fraser University (Canada), […]

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Textbook of Prof. Dr Rade Slavković

  • 7:54AM Jan 21, 2021

Textbook whose first author is Prof. Dr Rade Slavković, is included in the textbooks of the University of Defense: R. Slavković, D. Kurtov, M. Jelić, J. Đorđević (2020) Uticaj fizičke dimenzije operativnog okruženja na angažovanje snaga na ratištu Republike Srbije; Univerzitet odbrane, Ministarstvo odbrane; Odbrana, Beograd, 2020, ISBN 978-86-335-0703-5.

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  • 10:24AM Jan 19, 2021

3rd INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE ON CIRCULAR AND BIOECONOMY April 1, 2021 School of Engineering Management Belgrade, Serbia Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce you that 3rd edition of CIBEK 2021 International Conference on “Circular and Bieconomy” will be hosted by the Engineering Management Society of Serbia and School of Engineering Management, Belgrade. The conference will […]

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Call to action: How A&D companies can build the workforce of the future

  • 10:14AM Jan 15, 2021

The aerospace and defence (A&D) sector rightly prioritizes pursuing top digital talent because it relies on the most cutting-edge technologies and scientific expertise. Sector leaders acknowledge that acquiring and applying additional skills in advanced analytics and other rapidly evolving technologies is crucial for the industry’s future competitiveness.  Yet there is a growing gap between supply and […]

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Project Management Championship 2021.

  • 9:02AM Jan 14, 2021

The project of the International Association for Project Management – IPMA called “Project Management Championship” will be realized for the seventh time in a row in Belgrade, while the international finals will be held in June 2021 on Zlatibor. The goal of the project is to gather and connect students from different faculties who will […]

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The next normal in construction material distribution

  • 9:39AM Jan 12, 2021

The construction industry and its supporting ecosystem have shown unsatisfactory performance in recent years, and external market factors and complex industry dynamics have impeded attempts at change. Over the next decade, however, new technologies and increased product digitization are likely to disrupt parts of the construction ecosystem, transforming the industry as we know it. Two-thirds of […]

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Changes in the courses schedule from 11 to 22 January 2021.

  • 1:09PM Jan 11, 2021

Classes for students of the first and second year of undergraduate studies in Belgrade will be held on premises from January 11 to 22, according to the schedule, with the application of all preventive measures. Classes for students of III and IV years of undergraduate studies in Belgrade will be held online from January 11 […]

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