A new novel by Professor Miomir Petrović

A new novel by our professor Miomir Petrović will appear in bookstores in the Laguna publishing house in the middle of August.

Belgrade friends of a film art professor on a temporary job in one of the emirates imagine that his life is like a postcard. He teaches at an elite college, drinks expensive drinks at dumped prices in luxurious interiors, camps under the stars in the desert, goes to parties with a group of friends who were all born in the same country, Yugoslavia, and he doesn’t miss his family because he is a wife and son. with him.

How can such a life shake anything? However, the cultural patterns and arrogance of the foreign world will call into question his career.

An elegant prose writer and a careful observer of complex reality, Miomir Petrović conveyed in this novel the atmosphere of the personal and global desert of the 21st century.

“Stranded in that meager harbor where silence is hidden behind a hundred syncopes, where abrasive and silky touches of sand merge with the tumultuous velvet of galaxies, the writer is homeless and shipwrecked, ascetic and seeker, narrator and hero of impossible mission in the embrace of omnipresent death. self, which, it seems, is only possible to experience by voluntary persecution into the central roar of one’s own inner desert. ”

– Blažo Popović, journalist

“Determined by the winds, the Central Desert is built by builders gathered from all parts of the world, with fragile knowledge and mother tongues, but also by arrogance and idolatry, builders who, under the dictated pace of reality, grow humanity to build mirage with internal silence rebelled against despotism and tyranny.”

– Laura Barna, writer