Labour Day Holidays – Important Notice

  • 8:38AM Apr 27, 2018

We would like to inform all the professors, assistants, associates and students that due to the forthcoming Labour Day holidays, School of Engineering Management will be closed from April 30 to May 2, 2018. The first working day is on Thursday, May 3.

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Director of the EBRD office in Serbia at the CIBEK Conference 2018

  • 8:30AM Apr 24, 2018

Daniel Berg, Director of the European Office for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Office in Serbia, participated in the CIBEK Conference 2018. In the break-up of the conference, Daniel Berg with prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomasevic visited School and got acquainted with the study programmes. In the conversation between Mr. Berg and Prof. Dr. Tomasevic, there were […]

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International FIM Conference

  • 8:29AM Apr 24, 2018

At the 1st international scientific-practical conference “Circular and Bioeconomy” held at School of Engineering Management, international cooperation between foreign European higher education institutions and School, as well as economic cooperation with domestic businessmen and representatives of the countries from the region, has been realized and deepened. In addition to guest lecturers from abroad, the presence […]

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  • 8:28AM Apr 24, 2018

School of Engineering Management and Engineering Management Society of Serbia today at School of Engineering Management in Belgrade organize the first International Scientific and Practical Conference on Circular and Bioeconomy – CIBEK 18. The first scientific conference on Circular and Bioeconomy held in Serbia deals with more current topics, such as improving efficiency and reducing […]

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Intern at the FIM IT Centre 2018

  • 8:27AM Apr 24, 2018

The IT Development Centre of School of Engineering Management announces a competition for practice lasting up to three months, starting from May 15, for the following position: Conditions: • Student II, III or IV years of undergraduate studies; • Average grade over 8.00; • Knowledge of English language; • Knowledge of computer work – advanced […]

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Moja Karijera moj izbor

  • 8:26AM Apr 24, 2018

Fakultet za inženjerski menadžment učestvuje danas u 11. međunarodnom sajmu obrazovanja MOJA KARIJERA MOJ IZBOR, koji se održava u Domu vojske u Nišu. Glavna tema sajma je preduzetništvo.

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Kolokvijumi – Važna obaveštenja, april 2018.

  • 8:25AM Apr 24, 2018

Automatsko upravljanje procesima Teorijski deo – I kolovijum: utorak, 17. april 2018, 9.00, učionica 313. Praktični deo – I kolokvijum: četvrtak, 19. april 2018, 13.00, učionica 335. Izborni jezici Studentima je od ovog ispitnog roka omoguceno polaganje više kolokvijuma iz stranog jezika u jednom terminu, kao i polaganje kolokvijuma u ispitnom roku. Studenti koji žele […]

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