School of Engineering Management and Engineering Management Society of Serbia today at School of Engineering Management in Belgrade organize the first International Scientific and Practical Conference on Circular and Bioeconomy - CIBEK 18.
The first scientific conference on Circular and Bioeconomy held in Serbia deals with more current topics, such as improving efficiency and reducing the use of resources; identifying and creating new opportunities for economic growth and promoting the innovation and competitiveness of cities and their surroundings as well as their companies; guaranteeing the security of supply of essential resources; fighting against climate change and limiting the environmental impact of the use of resources.
This conference brings together scientists, professionals and students from Russia, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia due to exchange ideas and concepts of great importance for the future sustainable economic development.
Participants were addressed by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, Dean of School of Engineering Management, prof. Milinko Velickovic, Secretary of Economy of the City of Belgrade and Isabel Airas, special advisor of the Circular Economy Department at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Lectures were delivered by Prof. Dr. Nikolai Popov, Scientific Advisor of the Department of Environmental Managing and Protecting, from the Technical State University of Tambov, Russia, Ivan Alfieri, President of the Mediterranean Institute of Design, Italy, as well as Dr. Denes Bulkai, Lead Consultant in Bulkai Kft, Chairman of ArchEnerg International Renewable Energy and Construction Industry Innovation Cluster. 
The results of their research were presented by representatives of prominent higher education institutions and organizations from Serbia and the region, and a special accent was given on presenting the results of the research carried out by students. All presented papers will be published in the Proceedings of the Conference.