Information on scholarships for Serbian students

  • 1:39PM Mar 08, 2021

Students of the School of Engineering Management can obtain information on scholarships available for Serbian students at:

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Master studies – Summer Semester 2020/21

  • 12:35PM Feb 22, 2021

Summer semester for Master students begins on March, 1, 2021. All international students will receive time table from their Students’ services. All students will receive invitation for Zoom classes from their professors as well as the link for theacing materials.

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Beginning of classes at the Master’s studies

  • 1:46PM Oct 29, 2020

Classes at the Master’s studies of all programs begin on Monday, November 2, at 5.30 pm, when a meeting of students with program managers and courses professors will be organized at the School. Classes will continue to be held online according to schedule which international students will obtain from Students’ services.

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Online classes in April

  • 3:58PM Apr 06, 2020

Online undergraduate and master studies in April will be held according to the curriculum. The students are given access to all courses from a specific program. The students are provided with video materials (recorded lectures), presentations, and additional materials through the Google classroom application, and in most subjects, attendance is provided in real time (both […]

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