Generation Unlimited

A call for the Generation Unlimited program, supported by UNICEF and UNDP in Serbia, is open until February 10 and is being implemented by the Spill with the support of the Scout Alliance of Serbia.

Generation Unlimited brings together young people (14-24 years old) who want to solve problems in their community regarding education, employability and civic activism.

To that end, it provides them with mentoring and financial support to develop their socially responsible projects through the design thinking process.

The program specifically seeks to empower young people from vulnerable groups.

Gen U Youth challenge is happening in 40 countries around the world in addition to Serbia.

The aim of this initiative is to empower young people to create solutions to the challenges in their environment and thus improve their skills, more easily transition from education to employment and become socially active.

The basic program information and the application form can be found at link.

The answers to additional questions can be found at link.