II Year Students’ Activities in April

Students of the 2nd year in April had the opportunity to present their colleagues with topics related to organizational behavior and organizational culture. Presentations were successfully held by:

  • Branislav Nedić, Building Project Team for Finding the Remains of Aircrafts from the Second World War;
  • Goran Kirjaković, Risk Management in the Context of Organizational Behavior;
  • Kristina Gavrić, Motivation of Employees in the Field of Private Security;
  • Milica Milic, Decision Making in Organizations;
  • Luka Latinović, Most Common Logical Errors;
  • Srđan Antić, Virtual Teams and Freelance Business;
  • Filip Dimov, Conflicts in the Organization.

After each presentation, the students participated in the discussion.Students of the 2nd year also visited the Belgrade Youth Fair and attended the lecture/workshop “Bambi: Bambi in the 21st Century – an innovative approach to work and development”.