Jan Fabr visits the School

One of the most innovative and versatile artists Jan Fabr Troubleyn/Jan Fabre visited the Institute on February 21 this year, accompanied by a collaborator and playwright, Miet Martens.

On this occasion, Jan Fabr expressed his desire to organize workshops for actors and actors in October this year in collaboration with Troubleym and the Institute of Artistic Play.

Jan Fabr’s guest appearance in Belgrade was united by the opening of the Feast of Little Friends Feast on February 21 at the National Museum in Belgrade, the premiere of the Night Writer Monodrama on February 22, performed by Slobodan Bestic at the National Theater, and the publication of Fabre’s third book, The Night Diary 1992-1998, translated by Jelica Novakovic Lopušine published by Sam (a) his own movement of the Belgrade Cultural Center.