Most popular undergraduate studies program: Engineering Management

From the school year 2020/21 a new undergraduate program in Engineering Management has started!

The program aims to empower students to work independently on production technology management processes, both in the traditional manufacturing and creative industries, and in security.

The aim of the study program is to master engineering skills and methods that are applied in certain management processes, such as planning, project management, organization, and control.

In addition, the curriculum is designed to encourage students to reflect, to acquire the skills of objective and evidence-based observation, interpretation of phenomena, analysis and synthesis of data.

Independent critical thinking of students will create preconditions for their further development. The outcome of the learning process is an educated student who possesses engineering knowledge, skill, and abilities to manage production processes in traditional manufacturing and service companies. Upon completion of the study program, students gain the title of Graduate Management Engineer.

During their studies, students will acquire skills and develop skills in the companies with which the institution has a cooperation agreement. They will be introduced to specific problems in practice. They will learn to apply certain scientific methods and procedures in solving engineering management problems. They will also be able to come up with valuable data on topics that they can cover in their final work.

Teaching at the Engineering Management course is interactive in nature, includes examples from practice, encourages students to think and be creative, to be independent in their work and to apply their acquired knowledge. The implementation of the study program also takes place through mentoring. Students work directly with the subject teachers, practically test their acquired knowledge in specialized computer classrooms, have the opportunity to express individual and team creativity and develop critical thinking and expression. The quality of the teaching process is ensured through the application of the following teaching and methodical forms:

  • lectures,
  • practical and laboratory exercises,
  • making seminar and other professional papers and presenting them,
  • discussion between students and teaching staff with a pronounced exchange of views,
  • application of modern methods of case analysis,
  • training students to work on a project basis, as well as for teamwork,
  • performing professional internship.

Some of the new courses are: Industry 4.0, Engineering Innovation 1 and 2, Engineering Communication 1 and 2, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management.

You can see the curriculum here

Applications for the new undergraduate study program have started and interested applicants can schedule a visit to the School via email or