Defense of final thesis – Nemanja Đuričić

  • 7:26PM Jul 03, 2020

Today, at the School of Engineering Management, Nemanja Đuričić, with all the necessary distancing measures, defended his diploma thesis entitled Crisis Communication in the situation of fires, mentor prof. Dr. Proda Secerov.

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Start of work at the School of Engineering Management – May 18

  • 10:11AM May 18, 2020

The School of Engineering Management in Belgrade, as well as the Accredited Unit  in Vrbas, will start working on Monday, May 18. Due to the current epidemiological situation in Vranje, the Accredited Unit  in Vranje will not start working on Monday, May 18, and the students will be informed in a timely manner about further […]

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Undergraduate studies – electronic application in May

  • 1:41PM May 08, 2020

The application for enrollment in the new accredited program of four-year undergraduate studies in Engineering Management, as well as for the program of three-year undergraduate studies in Management, continues on May 11 and in May is done exclusively online. The applications can be done through the website Entrance exams and enrollment will take place […]

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April exam period 2020.

  • 11:05AM May 04, 2020

In accordance with the current epidemiological situation and the KONUS indicative guidelines, the April examination deadline will be held from 25 to 29 May 2020. Applying for the April exam, 2019/2020 school exam period will be held from May 5 to May 8, 2020. Exam registration will be done electronically as follows: Compose an e-mail […]

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  • 12:30PM Apr 29, 2020

The Serbian Journal of Engineering Management is a new scientific journal, published by the School of Engineering Management and The Serbian Journal of Engineering Management.The publication is dedicated to the topics of engineering management and industrial engineering. Topics: Engineering management, Industrial engineering, Project management, Strategic management, Logistics, Operations Management, Management of Production Systems, Quality Control, […]

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Happy Easter!

  • 2:24PM Apr 19, 2020

The School of engineering management takes this opportunity to wish all of its’ students, associates, friends, and their families who celebrate this joyous occasion according to the Julian calendar a Happy Easter! Stay safe!

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Easter 2020

  • 11:32AM Apr 16, 2020

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter holidays, online lectures at the School of Engineering Management will not be held April 17-20. The first work day is Tuesday, April 21st. We wish all students, professors, associates and their families a lot of health! Stay at home! Save lives!

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Messages of support from Tambov Technical University students

  • 12:34PM Apr 15, 2020

Students at Tambov Technical University in Tambov, Russia, sent messages of support to colleagues from partner universities and colleges, which you can see here: We are grateful for the support of our colleagues at Tambov Technical University in Tambov, Russia, and to all the students and their professors and associates, as well as their […]

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