New Book at the Library – Serbian Industry Cradle: One Hundred and Sixty-five Years of Arms Factory in Kragujevac

The library collection is richer for another book – The Cradle of Serbian Industry: One hundred sixty-five years of Arms Factory in Kragujevac, a review of the historical development of the Factory from 1853 to 2018.

– When the French Emperor Napoleon III, at the request of Constantine Magazinovich and Ilija Garashanin, Charles Lubriye, the controller of a private French foundry from Due, was selected and sent to Serbia to become the first Manager of the Arms factory in Kragujevac, he did not even imagine that his choice would pave the way for creation and development the most important Serbian factory, the foundation of the Serbian industry …

Milojko Brzakovic, General Manager, Zastava Arms AD.