Cancellation of online classes for October 12

  • 1:44PM Oct 09, 2020

On Monday, October 12, there will be no online classes: Marketing for Engineers – Exercises for 4th year students with assistant Jelena Rajković. Students will be notified in a timely manner about the new term for this class.

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Best practices for digital construction

  • 9:56AM Oct 09, 2020

It’s no secret that digital innovations can improve productivity and help the construction industry navigate disruptions and mitigate risks. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many project owners have been forced to step up their use of technology to enable their teams to work and collaborate remotely. But beyond the context of the […]

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Jobs for engineering management professionals

  • 11:28AM Oct 08, 2020

We remind students of the study program Engineering Management to a wide range of jobs that management engineers can perform in the following areas: Project management; Business process management; Business process re engineering; Production process management; Logistics management; Procurement Management; Quality management; Operations management; Risk management; Human resource management; Management of creative industries; Management of […]

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Reminder for students and employees: Preventive measures

  • 10:44AM Oct 07, 2020

We remind the students and employees of preventive measures: Mandatory wearing of protective masks indoors! Arrival at the School no more than ten minutes before the lecture. Mandatory temperature measurement (porter’s lodge). Hand disinfection at the entrance to the building and at the entrance to the premises at the third floor. Crossing the disinfection barrier […]

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Presentation of courses in Master studies – Industry 4.0

  • 11:05AM Oct 06, 2020

The modern master’s program in Project Management and Industry 4.0 brings new courses. One of those courses is Industry 4.0. Course objective: Enabling students to understand and work on the integration of industrial processes into global changes brought by digitalization of processes (automation and data exchange in production technologies), including understanding the principles of digital […]

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Using Google Classroom

  • 12:48PM Oct 05, 2020

We inform all students of all levels of study that the course pages are open on the Google Classroom platform. All materials as well as invitations for Zoom lectures, students will receive through this platform. Students are required to log in to the course pages via the code obtained from the course professor. If they […]

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Master studies – application in October 2020

  • 10:03AM Oct 05, 2020

Master studies – application in October 2020 The most popular accredited master study programs: Project Management and Industry 4.0 (60 ECTS) – Belgrade and Vranje; Engineering and management of security and information systems (60 ECTS) – Belgrade and Vrbas; Energy Economics and Management (60 ECTS); Management (120 ECTS). All interested candidates are encouraged to contact […]

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MIAN Charter

  • 8:13PM Oct 03, 2020

On the occasion of the election of the School of Engineering Management of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla” as a collective member of the Academy of MIANU, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, Dean of FIM, was solemnly presented with the Membership Charter yesterday. International Research Academy of Sciences and Arts – MIANU is an association […]

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Changes of schedule for the first year of undergraduate studies

  • 10:23AM Oct 02, 2020

Due to the need for strict adherence to preventive measures, the schedule of classes for students (Serbian language program) of the first year of undergraduate studies, the study program Engineering Management, has been changed. Students will be divided into two groups in lab/exercises for the courses Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies and Engineering Communications […]

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