Conference aim

Europe is developing an efficient and sustainable economy. The goal is more innovative and low-emission economy, harmonization of the requirements for sustainable agriculture and fisheries, food safety and sustainable use of renewable biological resources for industrial purposes, preservation of biodiversity, environmental protection, development of new technologies and processes for bioeconomy, market development and competitiveness in sectors bio-economy, policy development in order to cooperate closely with stakeholders.

The Circular Economy is theconceptual framework of sustainable development. Its goal is the production of
goods and services while at the same time reducing the consumption and wastage of raw materials, water and energy sources.

It is about implementing a new economy that is circular – not linear – based on the principle of “closing the loop" of the lifecycles of products, services, waste, materials, water and energy.

This Conference should become a cross-cutting cornerstone of various lectures and events that recognize sustainable
development as a key issue for the future of industry.

Thematic streams

  1. Improving efficiency and reducing the use of resources.
  2. Identifying  and creating new opportunities for economic growth and promoting the innovation and competitiveness of cities and their surroundings as well as their companies.
  3. Guaranteeing the security of supply of essential resources.
  4. Fighting against climate change and limiting the environmental impact of the use of resources.

Conference tracks

  • Academic/ scientific
  • Experience from the economy
  • Projects financed by EU
  • Student

Interdisciplinary and cross section contributions are welcomed