September Enrollment Period 2019

The second enrollment period is to be held from September 2 to September 26, 2019.

The School of Engineering Management organizes undergraduate academic studies lasting four years (eight semesters), in the field of engineering management, as well as undergraduate studies lasting three years (six semesters) in the field of management.

After finishing four-year studies, the student receives the title: Graduate Engineer of Management (240 ESPB points) – similar to BSc with Honours.

After completing the three-year studies, the student acquires the title: Manager (180 ESPB points) – similar to BSc.

Both study programs are composed of compulsory and elective subjects. On the structure of studies the students can influence elective subjects, therefore, to form their own academic-professional profile.

Prospective students can receive more information through the E-mail

Registration for undergraduate studies is organized until July 12th 2019 and from September 2nd to 26th, 2019.

For more information on applying for and enrolling in undergraduate studies, please visit the entry page for undergraduate studies

The School of Engineering Management organizes the Open Door Friday, when interested candidates and their parents can visit our School and talk with professors, assistants, and employees in the student service and get all the necessary information. Visits (individual and group) are scheduled via E-mail

The candidates can also schedule an interview at the Career Development Centre via E-mail