Student Parliament Humanitarian Action in local media

We are reminding our professors and the students that there is a humanitarian activity going on in Vrbas, organized by our students that caught the attention of the local media in Vrbas.

Jedan paketić, mnogo ljubavi: Crveni krst Vrbas prikuplja slatkiše za socijalno ugroženu decu

The students of an accredited unit in Vrbas, as part of the activities of the Student Parliament, have launched a charity action to raise money for New Year’s presents for children – beneficiaries of the Red Cross in Vrbas. In addition to preparing New Year’s presents, the students will prepare a children’s play for December 23.

We invite all students from Belgrade to give their contribution to the representatives of the parliament in Belgrade Olga Masic and Luka Latinovic by Tuesday, December 3rd, and all professors to contribute by prof. Dr. Srdjan Tomic until Wednesday, December 4th. The students and professors from Vrbas can submit their contributions to a colleague Marina Maras by Monday, December 9, and the students and professors from Vranje can submit their contributions to Svetlana Mihajlovic, student services officer by Friday, December 6.