Study programme

Study programme: ICT MANAGEMENT

Study program runs over one school year and has 60 ECTS.

The study programme of Management in Information and Communication Technologies enables students to successfully apply acquired scientific, professional and methodological knowledge in the management of high-tech enterprises in the field of information and communication technologies. By applying knowledge and skills, students will be able to perform managerial tasks more efficiently, improve their own professional capacities and further professional development beyond the academic environment.

The main goal is to educate and train students for industrial engineering and engineering management in order to acquire knowledge and ability to comprehensively understand the process of managing information and communication technologies on the principles of engineering and strategic thinking. Additionally, the aim of the programme is to improve students’ knowledge and motivate them for further education, so that they can get involved in higher education – PhD studies. Students need to develop a scientific way of thinking, which becomes more noticeable during the process of writing their graduation master’s thesis.

The outcome of the learning process

Diploma – Scientific name: Students are awarded Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.

Requirements for admission to the program

The program of study may enroll students in the previous academic studies in education who have acquired at least 240 ECTS.


Year I

Course ECTS / ESPB
Research Methods 6
The Development of ICT Technologies 8
Management of Research and Development in Information and Communication Technologies 7
Cryptography 7
Elective course 1 7
Elective course 2 7
Project Assignment (Internship) 5
Research Paper 4
Master Thesis 10

Elective block

Elective course 1 Network management
Elective course 1 Management of Development of New Technologies
Elective course 2 Data protection and Security in ICT
Elective course 2 Quality Systems in ICT

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