Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, PhD

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, PhD
Director and Lead Advisor: Tatjana Ilic-Kosanović, PhD, Assistant Professor

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović is responsible for Centre’s strategy, planning and career counseling. She is an experienced manager of students’ career development centers, career counselor and human resources management consultant. Tatjana is one of the first counselors in Serbia specialized in students career counseling and development. She brought the knowledge about students’ career development from the US.

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović worked in human resources management and knowledge management, at the Embassy of Serbia in Washington DC, at the Belgrade Mayor’s cabinet and in education.

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović received BA with Honours in History at The Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University, where she received her first Master (Magistar) degree and she received her second Master in Organization and Human Resources Management at The Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University. Tatjana received her PhD at University Union – Nikola Tesla” analyzing the role of higher education career development centres in development of future managers.

Vladimir Tomašević, PhD, FRSA, Full Professor

Vladimir Tomašević, PhD, FRSA, Full Professor
Academic Advisor

Prof. dr Vladimir Tomašević is responsible for following students potential for further academic development.

Prof. dr Vladimir Tomašević started his career as researcher at Cambridge University. He returned to Serbia in 2004 and became consultant and Project Manager for privatization, reorganization and efficiency improvement projects. Prof. dr Vladimir Tomašević continued his academic career at Singidunum University in 2007. In 2009, professor Tomašević, with the group of Serbian scientists and educators from abroad founded School of Engineering Management where he is a full professor and a dean.

Prof. dr Vladimir Tomašević graduated in Construction Engineering at Edinburgh University, got his Masters degree in Construction Engineering at Cambridge University and got his PhD at Cambridge University in the field of Engineering Management.

Snežana Ljuštanović Šćekić, defectologist

Snežana Šćekić, BA, MA
Special Needs Students Advisor

Snežana Ljuštanović is responsible for planning and implementation of programs for the students with special needs.

Snežana Ljuštanović started her career in the field of speech therapy. She was head of Student Service Department at The Faculty of Business Informatics and Student Service Associate at Singidunum University.

Snežana graduated at The Faculty for Special Education, Belgrade University, Department for Speech Therapy. She is Master student in the field of Marketing and Management.