The success of our students – CIBEK 2018

Students of School of Engineering Management, within the framework of the 1st international scientific-practical conference on Circular and Bioeconomy – CIBEK 18, had the opportunity to present the results of their own research.

The students of III, II and I year of studies from Vrbas and Belgrade presented their work very successfully:

  • Ognjen Raketić, 3rd year, Vrbas, “Importance of Education on Use of Green ICT to Reduce Emissions of Co2 in Serbia”;
  • Luka Latinović, 2nd year, Belgrade, “Model for Plastic Waste Handling in Serbia – Pyrolytic Conversion into Fuel Substitutes”
  • Olga Masic, 1st year, Belgrade, “Industrial Hemp – Economic and Ecological Benefits: The Case of Serbia”

Student Ognjen Raketić conducted his research in cooperation with Doc. Dr. Brankica Pažun and Irena Rasevic, while students Olga Masic and Luka Latinovic performed their studies completely independently.

We congratulate students on the successfully presented results of scientific research.