Successfully completed the first action for Bottle Cap for Handicap

Representatives of the Student Parliament today have delivered to Zoran Martinov  from the Bottle Cap for Handicap Association, the first contingent of collected caps.

The Student Parliament organized, in the framework of the action Bottle Cap for Handicapa prize game, the first in a row. The winner, who collected the most caps, is Željko Stjepanović, a student of the fourth year.

Co-ordinator of the action in front of the Student Parliament, Olga Masic, President of the Parliament and student of II Year  (our Greta), congratulated Zeljko and presented him with a voucher for lunch.

Among the professors, the record in the number of collected caps is still held by the professor Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, PhD.

The Student Parliament invites all students, professors, and associates of the school to participate in the second round of the prize game. Requirements for participation: bring the caps! Prize: Againt the secret!