The second contingency of the caps is handed over to the association Cap for Handicap

Representatives of the School of Engineering Management presented today to Zoran Martinov from the Association Cap for Handicap, the second contingent of collected caps.

The School thanks to its graduates, Aleksandar Horvan and Aleksandar Mitrovic, on a large number of collected caps, as well as other students who brought their plugs in the past week. Marko Gnjatović, an assistant at the School, officially handed the caps.

The action of collecting caps continues!

Coordinator of the action in front of the Student Parliament is Olga Masic, President of the Parliament and student of the 2nd year (our Greta).

The Student Parliament invites all students, professors and associates of the School to participate in the announced second prize game. Requirement for participation: bring the caps! Prize: Again the secret!