The successes of our graduates – Ognjen Raketic

Ognjen Raketić, a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering Management, enrolled in master studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in the field of engineering and innovation as a budget student.

Ognjen says about studying at FIM: After a long study of which Faculty to choose, the decision went to the Faculty of Engineering Management, because it was the only faculty that had the understanding for my desire to work full time and to educate. I enrolled in this college because it gave me a dose of freedom to perfect myself in what I am best at. I would recommend FIM to anyone who wants to gain quality knowledge and to whom a relationship with professors is very important. I was particularly interested in lectures in IT subjects and quality management. After completing my studies, I enrolled in a Master in Innovation Engineering at FTN in Novi Sad, to expand my knowledge and expand my skillset. I hope to return to FIM, either as a teaching assistant or an assistant.