At the closing night of the Universal Artists Festival program at the Jordan Hall Concert Hall in Boston, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomasevic and Artistic Director of the Universal Artist Festival of Boston and GIPAC Association Wanzhe Zhang presented awards and honors to the participants.

On that occasion, Professor Vladimir Tomasevic, PhD, awarded a special recognition to Wanzha Zhang for his special contribution to youth education and cultural promotion, as well as to the international artistic and educational exchange between Serbia, the USA and the PRC, in the presence of Assist. Alexander Nikolic and Vladimir Andric Champion of the National Theater in Belgrade.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Ilić and Assistant professor Aleksandar Nikolic was greeted with a standing ovation at the New England Conservatory in Boston, where they were also presented with special awards.

A full authoring team hosted Columbia University Steinway Hall and the United Nations Grand Hall in New York in the coming days.