A Summer School of Statistics was Held in the Framework of the Implementation of the European Social Research

Within the framework of the implementation of the European Social Research (ESS – http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/), the National Team of Serbia organized summer training for researchers in the field of social sciences at the Scientific Technology Park in Belgrade, to learn more about the very process of collecting, processing and analyzing data. The school was opened by the National Coordinator of the European Social Research, Assistant professor Dr Dragan Stanojević. The opening of the summer school was attended by Dr Martin Dietz, in front of the PERFORM Project, which supported the process of connecting Serbia to the ESS. The research will be carried out from September of the current year, and the data will be available to researchers in two years. Participants of the school were presented with the certificates by the director of the Science and Technology Park, Gordana Danilović Grković.

The basic idea behind the organization of a summer school is to strengthening the capacity of researchers in the field of social and humanistic sciences in Serbia, which is also one of the goals of Serbia’s accession to the ESS.

In front of School for Engineering Management the Summer School was participated by assistant professor Dr. Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović.

Source: http://ess.co.uk/free-first-from-statistics-6-9-jul/