Applications for the Pioneers into Practice program

What are the Pioneers in Practice program?

The Pioneers into Practice program is an international professional development program designed for people who are professionally engaged and / or have activities or interests in the areas of environmental protection, sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the development of a green economy.

The program offers an innovative combination of online learning, workshops, group projects and paid practices. During the program you will acquire skills and knowledge to help you create real and lasting changes.

This year, for the Pioneers in Practice program, is the largest ever. The program is attended by 19 European countries and over 200 experts are required for work practices in several hundred host organizations.

What are the activities of the program and what is their schedule?

The program lasts from May to November.

After the selection period, which ends in late April, selected Program participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the innovative methodologies used within the Program.

The program consists of the following entities:

  • On-line training – the first half of May
  • Introductory workshop – May 20 and 21, 2019 in Belgrade
  • The period of team work on concrete challenges, proposed by organizations in Serbia (so called challenge owners) – the second half of May and summer months. During this period, teams are available for the team of mentors who can help them with the work.
  • Realization of professional practices – September and October. Program participants independently agree with the host organization about the exact dates of their stay. The stay lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Final workshop – November 13 and 14, 2019 in Belgrade – Presentation of projects, experiences and impressions of participants of the program. Socializing with a wider community involved in activities around the Climate KIC Serbia.

Which countries offer the organization of work practices? Which countries participate in the program?

This year, as many as 19 countries participate in the Pioneers into Practice program, of which 18 are from the European Union, while Serbia is the only country outside the EU.

Countries and regions that participate in this year’s program, which have open calls for the program and host organizations are: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Croatia, the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Germany , Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom.

What criteria should I fulfill as a participant in the Program?

  • You live in one of the countries participating in the program
  • You graduated from college
  • You have at least two years of work or volunteer experience in organizations active in the fields of environmental protection, climate change, sustainable development, climate activism
  • Committed to the fight against climate change and environmental protection; and the participant are a community of like-minded people who are striving to create positive changes in relation to climate change and environmental protection.
  • You are able to participate in all aspects and activities of the program (on-line training, workshops, professional practice abroad, and group work).
  • You know, and you are using English
  • In the previous three years, you did not participate in the Program
  • Opened for new ideas, you want to learn, share knowledge and enjoy new experiences

Who were the pioneers from Serbia in the past years?

In the EU, the Program has been implemented for 10 years, and it has involved over 1,500 professionals from various fields.

The program is implemented in Serbia in the past two years. So far, some 30 professionals who have professional engagements in organizations such as faculties, institutes, city administrations, the private sector, public utility companies, civil society organizations participated in the Program.

The program was created with the intention of providing already experienced professionals with the possibility of further professional training.

The Pioneers into Practice program supports diversity and encourages participants to apply, regardless of age.

Applications for Pioneers in Practice – PiP are open until

April 11, 2019

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