Twentieth Young Researchers Conference – Materials Science and Engineering

  • 9:08PM Nov 30, 2022

Twentieth Young Researchers Conference – Materials Science and Engineering, organized by Materials Research Society of Serbia and Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA will be held from November 30th to December 2nd. The Conference is financially supported by Ministry of Science, Technological Development and innovations of the Republic of Serbia. On this occasion, the guest […]

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Professor Katarina Štrbac at the Security Seminar

  • 2:13PM Nov 29, 2022

Professor Katarina Štrbac participated as a lecturer at the Seminar “Disinformation and New Challenges for Security” for members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, held in Vršac. Professor Štrbac gave a lecture on “Hybrid wars in the 21st century”. The topic is particularly relevant today, bearing in mind that hybrid wars are […]

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Signed cooperation agreement between the School and the Institute for National and International Security

  • 1:49PM Nov 28, 2022

An agreement on cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering Management and the Institute for National and International Security was signed today at the Institute for National and International Security. On behalf of the School, the agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, dean, and on behalf of the Institute Prof. Dr. Darko Trifunović, director. […]

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“The role of public diplomacy in NATO-Serbia relations”

  • 3:17PM Nov 25, 2022

Today at the Schoolof Engineering Management, a forum was held “The role of public diplomacy in NATO-Serbia relations” with the participation of H. E. Petko Kolev Doykov, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Serbia, Brigadier General Antonello Messenio Zanitti, Head of the NATO Liaison Office in Serbia, Colonel Corey Nathan Shea, US Military Attaché in Serbia, Dragan […]

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Festive magic for the children of the Multi-Art association

  • 1:43PM Nov 24, 2022

Second-year students of the School of Engineering Management from the Accredited Unit outside the headquarters in Vrbas launched the project “Holiday Magic of the residents of the Multi-Art Association from Vrbas”, which represents the organization of a holiday gathering, the handing out of presents and funds for all the residents of the mentioned association, which […]

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Are we flexible enough for flexible working hours?

  • 11:45AM Nov 23, 2022

Flexible working hours means free access to working hours. It means that you don’t have 8 hours a day at your disposal, but you have deadlines. Therefore, in this concept, the emphasis is on the result, not on the time and process of work. In some cases, when the work allows, the place where the […]

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FIM students visiting the Business Incubator in Novi Sad

  • 2:03PM Nov 18, 2022

Today, students of the School of Engineering Management visited the Business Incubator in Novi Sad, where they had the opportunity to learn about the role and importance of business incubators, as well as to get more information about projects and competitions (hackathons). The students were led by Assoc. Prof. Jelena Raut and Teaching Fellow Luka […]

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Net zero infrastructure: challenges and possibilities

  • 11:17AM Nov 17, 2022

Focusing on climate tech innovation, industrialization, and infrastructure could help public-sector leaders achieve national and global decarbonization goals. A key component of switching to climate technologies is having sufficient infrastructure to support them. For example, a commercial vehicle manufacturer is more likely to develop hydrogen trucks if manage­ment is confident that an adequate hydrogen infrastructure […]

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  • 9:05AM Nov 11, 2022

In accordance with Article 26 of the Rulebook on Doctoral Academic Studies and the Method and Procedure for the Defense and Evaluation of the Doctoral Dissertation, on November 11, 2022. year, is placed on PUBLIC INSIGHT Doctoral dissertation Ja lutka – I a doll, biographical material as a template for the creation of a multimedia […]

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Defense of Master thesis – Arta Maxhuni

  • 6:48PM Nov 10, 2022

Today, at the School of Engineering Management, Arta Maxhuni defended her Master thesis entitled Complementing the Energy Transition Framework with Circular Economy for Close Loop Non-Energy Use of Fuels, mentor professor Vladimir Tomašević.

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