BASF Innovation Hub 2022

BASF Innovation Hub 2022 is a regional pitch event hosted by the world’s leading chemical company BASF, where innovators and start-ups from Central and Southeast Europe offer solutions to key environmental challenges of today in order to gain further funding. This year the focus is on Renewables.

BASF Innovation Hub 2022 consists of:

  • BASF Innovation Hub 2022 local events: 5 best ideas at the local level get the opportunity to present themselves to the Local Jury, which will select the winner. Winners of local competitions go on to the BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Grand Final. A local joint competition is organized for the participating countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.
  • BASF Innovation Hub 2022 Grand Final – an opportunity for winners at the local level to present their innovations and start-up ideas to an even wider audience and the opportunity to win additional investment for their development.


Participant: a  person aged at  least 18 years can apply as an  individual  or  in a team  of maximum 5 people

Idea:Innovative idea or start-up needs to offer solutions to key environmental challenges of today and need to fall under one of the following topics:

  • Clean energy (examples: digital solutions that focus on increasing process and energy efficiency, solutions for  increasing  the  share  of  renewable  energies  in  power  supply (thermal, solar, wind), thermal energy and insulation solutions, optimizing heating and cooling  and  ventilation,  decarbonizing  energy  systems  and  promoting  zero-emission technologies)
  • Smart transportation (examples: biofuels/additives, fuel cell materials, electromagnetic   impenetrable   materials,   environment   friendly   but resistant materials for EQ housing)
  • Farm to fork (examples:  precision  application  technologies,  digital  farming  advisory services,  digital  farming  solutions,  solutions  that  contribute  to  more  sustainable  food systems, selective crop protection products, biological crop protection)


The best innovation or start-up idea at the local level gets the opportunity to provide the amount of EUR 2,500 as a winning solution, as well as the opportunity to further participate in the Grand Final and additional funding in the amount of EUR 5,000.

Applications are open until September 16, 2022.

For more information you can see: terms_­and_conditions