Book Promotion  “Write a Novel!”, by Professor Miomir Petrović

Promotion of the study on creative writing “Write a Novel!”, by Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrović was held on Thursday, March 28, 2024., in the Belgrade City Library.
The audience was addressed by Prof. Dr. Sanja Domazet from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Prof. Dr. Maja Vukadinović from the Faculty of Contemporary Arts and the author.

Miomir Petrović, a prose writer and university professor, created the study with the desire to bring practical observations closer to the students to whom he has been teaching Creative Writing for years.

The study “Write a Novel!” represents series of examples of the literary-theoretical approach (which is studied at philology faculties all over the world) but also from the practical (Workshop) approach (which is practiced in drama studios).

How can we distinguish Creative Writing from other types of writing? – this book answers in a simple way, saying that every work that has the following characteristics: inspiration, choice of literary theme, formation of literary characters, their motivational systems, plot, story, ‘dramatis locus’ (the place where the story takes place), the unity of the action and its wholeness, purpose, point and place of resolution (unravel) of a certain story… belongs to the artifact of “creative”, but is still not a work of art itself.

Through a mixture of theoretical and practical, a method is created that allows the future writer to bravely “immerse” in writing a literary work. The study starts from the belief that Creative Writing, because it is an applied art, appears not only in the prevailing contemporary literary genre such as the novel, but also in other storytelling media such as theatre, film, television, corporate text extensions, writing in digital media.