Successfully completed campaign “Holiday magic of residents of Multi-Art association from Vrbas”

Two months ago, second-year students of the School of Engineering Management from the Accredited Unit outside the headquarters in Vrbas launched the project “Holiday Magic of the residents of the Multi-Art Association from Vrbas”, which represents the organization of a holiday gathering, fundraising, as well as the delivery of packages and funds for all residents of the mentioned association, the children with special needs. On Saturday, December 10, the distribution of presents and socializing with residents of the Multi-Art association from Vrbas was organized.

The student project included various humanitarian activities, matches, competitions, this initiative was supported by several educational institutions (primary schools and kindergartens), companies, entrepreneurs and citizens. A total of 89,000 RSD donations were collected, plus over 30 presents and more food packets.

The project was designed and implemented as part of the pre-examination requirements of the students for the course Fundamentals of Engineering Management. The desire of students from Vrbas is that in addition to acquiring new knowledge, they will also be socially responsible academic citizens. Similar projects were organized by students from Vrbas in previous years. The project was carried out under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Jelena Raut and teaching assistant Bojana Pavlović with the support of Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, dean of the School, students from Belgrade, as well as professors and assistants from Belgrade.

A report on the implemented action was published on RTV, and the goals of the project were explained by students Jovana Pešić, Nikolina Farago, and Nikolina Sakač.