FIM in Romania on International Conference About Spreading a Global Peace through Science

  • 8:43AM May 21, 2018

Adviser to the Dean of FIM, Visiting Prof Zoran R.Vitorovic  participated as VIP speaker on a International Conference  in Romanian National Parliament on 19th May, 2018. Between others, the main VIPs speaker were  former Presidents of Romania, Albania, Croatia, BiH, Ukraine – H.E. Emil Contantinescu,  H.E. Rexhep Q.Meidani H.E.Stjepan Mesic, H.E. Haris Silajdzic, BiH, H.E. […]

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FIM Students’ Internship – Museum Night

  • 10:22PM May 19, 2018

The students of School of Engineering Management had the opportunity to do part of the internship within the Museum Night, that is, the performance of the students of Belgrade Dance Institute. Students who participated in the project: Security Dejan Prelic (coordinator); Kristina Gavrić, Goran Kirjaković, Branislav Nedić, Dijana Ilic, Sandra Garic, Bogdan Ilic. Creative Industries […]

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Creative Industries Students – Museum Night Internship

  • 2:54PM May 18, 2018

The students of School of Engineering Management – Creative Industries participate in the organization of events within the Museums Night at School of Engineering Management/Belgrade Dance Institute. The I year students who participate in the organization of the event: Milica Stevković, Olga Mašić, Jelena Stjepanović. Project leader and mentor: Prof. Dr Snežana Arnautović Co-mentor: Doc. […]

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Students Internship – The Museum Night

  • 9:22AM May 18, 2018

The students who will participate in the implementation of security protocols within the The Museum Night at School of Engineering Management/Belgrade Dance Institute: Coordinator: Dejan Prelic, 2nd year (student with a private security license). Team members: Kristina Gavrić, Goran Kirjaković, Branislav Nedić, Dijana Ilic, Sandra Garic, Bogdan Ilic. Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Snežana Arnautović-Stjepanović. Mentors: […]

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VICTORS AND VICTORIES MUSEUM NIGHT at Belgrade Dance Institute May 19th, 2018

  • 1:01PM May 16, 2018

As part of Museum Night, Belgrade Dance Institute will present contemporary research made by its students and professors, created in the field of dance forms. They will show choreographies, photographs and videos. The works will be shown the Institute building, at Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43.Students of the Faculty of Engineering Management will take part in […]

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New Book in School Library – Startup mode

  • 8:36AM May 15, 2018

STARTUP WAY: how modern companies use entrepreneurial management to transform culture and manage long-term growth, Erik Risa, author of the New York Times bestseller – Lean Startup. “Startup Mode creates a vision and schematic plan for a new way of managing … It provides a clear and useful handbook to deal with the toughest challenges,” […]

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II Year Students’ Activities in April

  • 2:51PM May 10, 2018

Students of the 2nd year in April had the opportunity to present their colleagues with topics related to organizational behavior and organizational culture. Presentations were successfully held by: Branislav Nedić, Building Project Team for Finding the Remains of Aircrafts from the Second World War; Goran Kirjaković, Risk Management in the Context of Organizational Behavior; Kristina […]

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Students internship at the IT Center of School of Engineering Management

  • 2:47PM May 09, 2018

Based on the criteria set out in the advertisement published on School’s website on April 17th and conducted interviews with the students, the following students were selected for professional internship at School’s IT Centre: Nikola Milovanovic, III year; Ognjen Raketić, III year (Vrbas); Srdjan Antic, 2nd year; Milica Milic, 2nd year; Filip Dimov, 2nd year. […]

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Labour Day Holidays – Important Notice

  • 8:38AM Apr 27, 2018

We would like to inform all the professors, assistants, associates and students that due to the forthcoming Labour Day holidays, School of Engineering Management will be closed from April 30 to May 2, 2018. The first working day is on Thursday, May 3.

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