Official Reception of the Students 2018/19.

  • 1:06PM Sep 28, 2018

Today, at School of Engineering Management, a formal reception for the 1st year students  was held. The students were addressed by pProf. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, President of the Council, and welcomed them on behalf of the Dean, professors, assistants, and associates at the School. Professor Tomašević also presented students with a method of teaching that […]

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  • 10:30AM Sep 26, 2018

The formal reception of the 1st year students will be held at School of Engineering Management on Friday, September 28, 2018, at 12.00 in classroom 329. We invite all the professors, assistants and associates, as well as students of the higher years of studies to attend the reception of the 1st year students and to […]

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October (Condition) Exam Period 2018

  • 8:37AM Sep 25, 2018

The students who have ONE EXAM as a condition for enrollment to the next year of study, can apply for the October (condition) exam period. The term for applying for this exam period is from 25th to 27th September 2018. The exams will be held from 2th to 5th October 2018.

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Applications for Master Programs are Open

  • 8:17AM Sep 18, 2018

Application for Master Program for School year 2018/19, which begins in November 2018, are open. All interested candidates are encouraged to contact the Student Services and receive all the necessary information about available master programs for international students: Phone: +381 11 41 40 420. E-mail: All interested students can talk with the professors and […]

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Current Students (2th to 4th Year) Enrollment – September 2018

  • 11:31AM Sep 17, 2018

We are informing undergraduate students that until September 26th they can enroll in the next year of study. Requirements for enrollment: Passed exams; Paid tuition for the previous school year; The first installment payment for the next school year paid (proof of payment requested). It is mandatory to bring the Students’ ID (Index). Enrollment can […]

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The Second Enrollment Period in September 2018

  • 11:25AM Sep 17, 2018

The second enrollment period is going to be organized to September 26, 2018. School of Engineering Management organizes undergraduate academic studies lasting four years, i.e. eight semesters, in the field of engineering management, as well as undergraduate studies lasting three years and six semesters in the field of management. After finishing four-year studies, the student […]

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Using the Turnitin Plagiarism Service

  • 1:03PM Sep 14, 2018

The international students are advised to contact their mentor or the Students’ services regarding the procedure of assessing essays and final papers (on both levels – undergraduate and graduate) on plagiarism.

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