The book “MITOPOETICS” – Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrović

  • 8:00AM Apr 10, 2019

A new book by Prof. Dr. Miomir Petović “MITOPOETICS” (presence of mythological matrices in the works of Wim Wenders, Christopher Ransmayer, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Francis Bacon in the edition of the Zavod za udžbenike, Belgrade 2019, ISBN 978-86-17-19946-1). Monograph “Mitopoetics” points to the transformation of the mythological matrix in contemporary artistic works and systematizes the […]

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How analytics can drive smarter engineering and construction decision

  • 7:38AM Apr 10, 2019

The construction business faces a major productivity challenge. While labor productivity in the global economy has increased by an average of 2.8 % a year over the past two decades, and in manufacturing by an impressive 3.6 %, the construction sector has registered a mere 1 percent annual improvement. As the capital-project partners responsible for […]

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Prof. Dr. Duško Tomić guest at the television N1

  • 7:43AM Apr 09, 2019

Prof. Dr. Duško Tomić, full professor at the School of Engineering Management and visiting professor at American University in Emirates, has been the guest of New Day program at N1 television. Professor Tomic analyzed the current security situation in the country and the region, and how threatening to the region is the return of ISIS […]

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Scientific Cooperation Agreement Signed with Neapolis University in Pafos

  • 7:27PM Apr 02, 2019

An agreement on scientific cooperation between Neapolis University and Pafos and the School of Engineering Management was signed today in Cyprus. The School was represented by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, President of the Council and Prof. Dr Duško Tomić, who discussed with representatives of Neapolis University in Pafos about future scientific projects and other forms […]

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  • 2:28PM Apr 02, 2019

2nd INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE ON CIRCULAR AND BIOECONOMY May 30, 2019 School of Engineering Management Belgrade, Serbia   Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to announce you that 2nd edition of CIBEK 2019 International Conference on “Circular and Bieconomy” will be hosted by The ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT SOCIETY OF SERBIA and SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, BELGRADE. The conference […]

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Graduate studies at the University of Connecticut

  • 11:47AM Apr 02, 2019

Information on graduate studies at the University of Connecticut can be found at following links. Program info: Financing and fellowships: Admission:

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