FIM Student Luka Latinović Won at Climathon in Novi Sad 2018

  • 2:29PM Oct 29, 2018

Luka Latinović, FIM student, led the team called RecyClick in the victory at Climathon held in Friday-Saturday in Novi Sad. The RecyClick Team has created a business model of a digital platform that should facilitate the collection of recyclable waste. The team also included Gordana Ilić, Doctor of Chemistry from Singapore, Dimitris Sioulas, Software Developer […]

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Guest Lecturer Dragana Jotić

  • 2:25PM Oct 29, 2018

Dragana Jotić, mechanical engineer and business process consultant (former Senior Internal Auditor, Marketing Lead, PMO TaO for the Center – British American Tobacco and Procurement Manager – A & P Serbia) with more than twenty years of experience in Planning, Procurement, Marketing and Internal Audit, will hold a guest lecture on the topic of Internal […]

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Celebration of 100 Years of High School Students Dormitory in Vranje

  • 2:49PM Oct 25, 2018

President of the Council of School of Engineering Management, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, and Dean of the School, Prof. Dr. Slobodan Zivkovic, attended the 100th anniversary of the Secondary School Students’ Dormitory in Vranje, together with the representatives of local government and the Serbian Armed Forces at the Army cultural centre in Vranje. Students of […]

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Luka Latinović – Lecture for I Year Students

  • 2:42PM Oct 24, 2018

Luka Latinović, a student of the III year of School of Engineering Management and Student Demonstrator, today presented to the colleagues of the first year of undergraduate studies, the students’ experiences in learning and research and presented the challenges for students – future management engineers.

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A Lecture for I Year Students – Kosta Živanović

  • 11:17AM Oct 17, 2018

Kosta Zivanovic, a graduate of the University of Cambridge and the School of Engineering Management, presented today to the first year undergraduate students, the experience of studying abroad, and also the role of volunteering and extracurricular activities in the academic and professional development of students.

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Reception of the Students in Vranje

  • 10:58AM Oct 16, 2018

For the students of the education unit – Vranje, on Friday, October 12, a formal reception was organized. The students were greeted by Prof. Dr. Slobodan Živković, Dean, Prof. Dr. Srđan Tomić, Doc. dr Stanko Bulajić, Doc. Dr. Radomir Stojkovic and Teaching Assistant Damir Ilic, Ph.D. candidate.

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The Second Day of the EIT Raw Materials Connecting Matters Conference

  • 10:39AM Oct 16, 2018

The second day of the EIT Raw Materials Connecting Matters Conference, at which School of Engineering Management is represented by professor Jelena Ilic, marks goals of sustainable development setting and presentation of projects and other modules of cooperation between companies, non-governmental organizations and higher education institutions.

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