Developer/Business Analyst – Job ad – IT company 3AP

IT company 3AP, which deals with the development of digital solutions based in Zurich (, announces the position of Developer/Business Analyst for the office in Belgrade.

The basis of the position is the daily use of the New Relic platform. New Relic is an American software company that deals with analysts.

With the help of this platform, monitoring of sites and applications for the client is done, and on the basis of the obtained data, the business of a client is promoted (technical and marketing) and the tactics are developed to reach the designated KPIs. We are currently using APM, Browser and Insight service on the platform itself.

The necessary conditions are the knowledge of programming languages, the ability to monitor analytics and understand the obtained data, create business goals and communication. Based on the information obtained, the successful job candidate will suggest how to make the application itself, point to “bugs” and propose, based on the client’s request, a new metric to get more detailed data.

The candidate would work with colleagues from Marketing, who communicate with the client, make reports, and the candidate would be there as someone who will technically complete the whole job cycle and they would jointly improve the service.

There is no role of exclusive programming, but knowledge of SQL language and engineering understanding is necessary, because of small interventions, changes and assistance to the client. Knowledge of English is mandatory, and experience with analysis and basic programming  is also desirable.

The candidate would, besides his colleagues, communicate with the client, as well as with the developers who are in charge of the implementation and development of the application. In order for the candidate to use this platform, it is mandatory to go through the training, pass the exam and obtain an official certificate, because it is the only way to get to know the platform. the applicant would, of course, have the help of marketing colleagues and fellow developers who are currently on the project.

You can send your CV in English to