Discount for Mensa members for the 2020/21 school year

On March 30, 2021, the School of Engineering Management signed a cooperation agreement with Mensa Serbia, which provides Mensa members and their families with a 10% discount on the tuition fee.

Mensa is the Latin word for table. The name of the association was chosen with an allusion to the round table which symbolizes the equality of all members, which is the basic principle of the organization. The only condition for admission to Mensa is the achievement of such a result on the intelligence test, which ranks you in the top 2% of the total population, and which expressed in IQ is 148 or more on the Katel scale. The basic tasks and goals of Mensa Serbia are: work on the identification and development of human intelligence for the benefit of mankind; exchange of experience and knowledge among members and assistance in the development of intellectual potentials by providing a stimulating intellectual and social environment; monitoring scientific and professional achievements in the country and abroad of interest to members and introducing members to them; implementation of actions for the benefit of local communities and society in general.